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VascoPlanet.com is a huge photo library site with over 35000 images from more than 700 places all around the world, especially Eurasia. All of the images presented on this site were made by Vyacheslav Argenberg, an amateur/professional photographer, who had spent 5 years of his life traveling and living in countries of Asia and Middle East, everywhere across the Eurasian continent.

Although you can find lots of images on the Internet from many different authors, you won't find a collection as diverse and complete, and, at the same time, as distinctive and authentic as VascoPlanet collection. The photographic art on this site originates from vastly different places, countries and cultures, and aims to depict and portray the original natural and cultural diversity as finely as possible. Yet every set of photos in VascoPlanet collection carries that same, authentic, artistic flavour and always conveys that own, unique, distinctive style across the entire collection.

That certain "touch" and "feel" is the result of creative self-expression of the author, which makes VascoPlanet collection so unique. All of the images in this huge collection were made by a sole person — that is why you simply wouldn't easily find a collection as diverse in content and as uniform in artistic style as this one. Still, the style of Vyacheslav evolves over time and you'll notice plenty of stylistic variations, yet that "certain something" always remains. You can feel it and you would most probably appreciate it. People usually describe Vyacheslav's photographic style as being minimalistic, mystical and emotional.

Thematically, nature (50%), culture (25%) and people (10%) are the major contributions to this collection. You'll find lots of photographs of mountains, seas, forests, deserts, flowers, plants, animals and insects, as well as, pictures of people, architecture, monuments, and images of ordinary life.

Many UNESCO World Heritage sites, both cultural and natural, are listed here, and we believe this gives a profound insight on Asiatic/Asian Continent and history and culture of Eastern civilization in general. This vast photo collection could even help form the global geopolitics on a global scale, and help people see global problems and issues in today's era of globalization when regional or national become integrated on a global scale.

All of the images are available for free online download and published under generic Creative Commons Attribution license. You can freely download, copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the works from this site, provided you properly attribute the original author and the copyright holder for all of these works. Original high-resolution images and original Raw image files are also available for a small fee. You can use them in high-quality publishing, interior design and decoration, fashion industry, advertisement industry, or for personal use that requires the original, highest quality available. Currently, VascoPlanet landscape and travel photography images are featured at over 150000 pages on over 1200 web-sites all over the Internet. VascoPlanet images have been published in over 250 books and magazines by over 25 publishers, including Penguin Books, Random House, HarperCollins, Lonely Planet, and National Geographic.

VascoPlanet web-site features over 200 pages of useful text articles on places photographed, and over 4000 short descriptions of individual photos. Some of that text (less than 20% in total) was borrowed from popular travel guide books published by Dorling Kindersley (Penguin Group, UK); Frommer's Wiley Publishing (John Wiley & Sons, USA); Lonely Planet (BBC Worldwide, Australia); and from the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. We believe it's under the fair use principles as the text fragments cited are short — under a paragraph in most cases.

Enjoy! Explore planet Earth with VascoPlanet... This world is yours. Touch it down. See a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.


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