Why Raw image files?

Raw image file, a "digital negative", contains minimally processed raw pixel data from the image sensor of digital camera, along with some metadata and image capture parameters. Raw file contains a lot more of potentially useful information comparing to regular JPEG and TIFF files. Original raw image file may be used to process and create an image of potentially higher quality employing high-quality digital processing with precise adjustments and use of wide-gamut colorspaces for different kinds of devices like high-end displays, high-definition TVs, large cinema projectors, high-quality printers — now and in the future.

Raw image files are best suited:

You can use any of the following Raw processing software packages to process Raw image files: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw, DxO Optics Pro, Phase One Capture One Pro. There are many other Raw converters available including free ones. When processing try to work and save in ProPhoto RGB 48 bit professional wide-gamut colorspace only. The only sensible alternative to Raw image format is ProPhoto RGB 48 bit format.

P. S. Vasco Planet™ →

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