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Starting just 20km northeast of Farafra, the yellow desert sands east of the road start to become pierced by chalky rock formations, sprouting almost supernaturally from the ground. Blinding-white spires of rock reach for the sky, each frost-coloured lollipop licked into an ever odder shape by the dry desert winds.

As you get further into the 300-sq-km White Desert Protectorate, you'll notice that the surreal shapes start to take on familiar forms; chickens, ostriches, camels, hawks and other uncanny shapes abound. They are best viewed at sunrise or sunset, when the sun turns them hues of pink and orange, Salvador Dali-like, or under a full moon which gives the landscape a ghostly, arctic, whipped-cream appearance. The sand around the outcroppings is littered with quartz and different varieties of deepblack iron pyrites, as well as small fossils.

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Miranda Keira | November 1st

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