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Terms and conditions of use for any of the photos presented in VascoPlanet.com photo library are quite simple. All of the images on this web-site are copyrighted and the sole copyright holder and the original author of all works is Vyacheslav Argenberg (VascoPlanet.com).

All photographs are published under generic Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license which allows you to freely download, copy, distribute, transmit and adapt pictures from VascoPlanet.com photo archive provided you properly attribute it in the manner specified below.

People usually use photos from this web-site in one of the following ways:

Personal use

Besides simple browsing and online viewing, many people prefer to download VascoPlanet images to their local computers, and use those images as their computer desktop backgrounds (wallpapers). Also people print and optionally frame images from this library. You are free and welcome to do it! In this case you are not required to attribute anything. But we would much appreciate if you could tell other people, your friends and family about VascoPlanet.com, so that more people could get to know and appreciate VascoPlanet photography.

Internet publishing

Some people may need to use an image on their web-page or post some pictures to their blog. You are free to do it. In this case you need to place an attribution link back to the VascoPlanet.com web-site in the manner recommended on the actual photo download page. Please do link back to either the country page or place page. The link is required.

If you're an editor for an online magazine or a web-site, please follow the same rules. The link attribution is required. In rare cases this requirement may be waived, but this requires prior agreement. Please contact Vyacheslav Argenberg directly in case you have any questions. Please contact the author if you plan to borrow more than five images at one go for use in a single setting.

Print publishing

Pictures from VascoPlanet.com photo archive are often used by various editors to include visual materials into printed media, such as magazines and news-papers, in particular, travel, educational, discovery and news magazines.

Occasionally, pictures are published in books, such as travel guide books, history books, and educational books.

You are free to use images in any kind of printed media, provided you attribute the original copyright using the following format:

© Vyacheslav Argenberg

Although not strictly necessary, we invite you to contact Vyacheslav to let him know about your magazine or book and your upcoming production. Please contact the author if you plan to borrow more than five images at one go for use in a single edition.

Original images

VascoPlanet web-site freely provides pictures in high resolution and high quality suitable enough for many online (digital) and some offline (print) applications. But you can also get the original image files of the highest possible resolution and quality available, taken directly from the camera. The original image files contain a lot more of the details thanks to the use of high-quality optics.

Moreover, we can provide original Raw image files for about 70% of the collection. Why Raw image files? Raw image files are needed if you're involved in high-quality pre-press and print design process, if you need to print photos using highest possible quality available in large or very large size format to use in interior design, decoration and styling, in fashion industry, in publishing business, or in public advertisement; or if you just want to look at all of the details, depth, colors and tones of the original image on your high-quality display device such as a high-definition TV, a professional grade monitor or a modern portable device.

You can easily order original image files on every image page by providing a list of the required photo IDs and selecting the required package. Images are provided on a Royalty Free (RF) license. Our pricing is at least twice as low as those provided by large stock photography web-sites such as Shutterstock, Adobe Fotolia, Dreamstime, and Getty Images, not to mention we provide original Raw image files as well, where available, for you to process them in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw, DxO Optics Pro, Phase One Capture One Pro, and in other Raw image processing software packages. We believe our pictures are good, even best in class, but we like to stay highly competitive as well! Our payment processing company is FastSpring (CA, USA). FastSpring™ is licensed with Extended Validation (EV) Class 3 SSL VeriSign™ certificates which means the highest level of trust by VeriSign™, and is also fully PCI DSS-compliant which means credit card numbers are never stored anywhere. Your order is absolutely safe and secure.

Special licensing

Any kind of special licensing is possible, including exclusive right transfers for certain images or sets of images. This web-site presents publicly only about 50% of entire collection of available images.

Vyacheslav Argenberg is open to offers from print media publishers, both small ones and established publishing companies. He is naturally interested in opportunities to publish authentic photo books and magazines. Revenues are not that important. Creative expression, circulation and brand awareness come first.

If you're an editor for a publishing company or a magazine please don't hesitate to contact the author directly.


Your feedback is welcome! If you're going to use images from this web-site or simply have any questions, you're welcome to contact the author, Vyacheslav Argenberg, directly, using the contact form below. You can also write an e-mail at , or either leave a message or send a fax at +1 (206) 337-1724.

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